Beautifully framed and presented in teak effect, this consecrated yantra has the quality of retaining and radiating the energies of Dhyanalinga, thereby creating a sacred space which is beneficial for meditation.

The Dhyanalinga, located at the Isha Yoga Center in India creates a channel between man and the divine power on the inner plane it represents. The powerful energy it radiates is a doorway to liberation and enlightenment.

Within the sphere of Dhyanalinga, one can experience a state of deep meditativeness and experience the divine energy that overflows from this glorious form. The energies of Dhyanalinga are beyond physical time and space, and therefore open to anyone who is willing at any time.

Offered as an assistance to connect with the eternal energy of the Dhyanalinga these copper yantras, energized and blessed by Sadhguru, are available to Isha meditators. The Dhyanalinga yantra is a powerful support during meditation. The yantra provides meditators, regardless of their physical location, the possibility to derive the same benefits as personally visiting the Linga.

Just like Dhyanalinga, these unique copper yantras are energized with qualities of seven spiritual chakras and will radiate different qualities on each day of the week.

To maintain an atmosphere of sanctity and cleanliness around the yantra, please adhere to the following guidelines:
•The Dhyanalinga Yantra should always be displayed on a new, unused white cloth.
•It should not directly lean on a wall, metal or earth, nor should it be kept on the floor. It should lean only on a wooden or new, unused cloth surface.
•It may be kept in a horizontal or vertical position.

*Do not remove the plastic cover on the yantra.



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