Alai - Wave of Bliss


In the last few years, Sadhguru has been conducting a series of Mahasathsangs in South India, impacting hundreds of thousands of people. This Ananda Alai or “Wave of Bliss”, true to its word, has been spreading around joy and imparting simple spiritual processes to masses of people. This joy has found varied expressions in yearning, yielding, and blissful basking in...

Bhairavi Vandhal

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Bhairavi Vandhal CD

Dhyanalinga Aradhana


A sound offering to Dhyanalinga - a multi-religious meditation shrine created by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, founder of Isha Foundation.

SOI-Green Hands (Pasumai Karangal)


After the Project GreenHands (PGH) Guiness World Record achievement in 2006, Sounds of Isha toured extensively around Tamil Nadu and parts of India raising awareness of the effort and helping to raise much needed funds to reach the target of 110 million trees planted.  The 4 songs on this album were specially conceived for the occasion. They bring together a...

Sudha Raghunathan


A sound offering performed by one of Tamil Nadu's most famous Carnatic singers, the renowned SudhaRaghunathan.  Dhyanalinga - a multi-religious meditation shrine created by SadhguruJaggiVasudev, founder of Isha Foundation. Contains 10 tracks:  KuraiOnrunIllay - 6:11 Velliyangiri Vaasa - 6:12 IshavilIshan - 6:08 Jagadodhaarana - 6:02 Slokam/BhoShambho - 7:56 SarvamBrahmamayam - 7:20 VaishnavaJanatho - 6:43 Sitharellam - 5:14 BrahmamOkate - 5:35 ...