Alai - Wave of Bliss


In the last few years, Sadhguru has been conducting a series of Mahasathsangs in South India, impacting hundreds of thousands of people. This Ananda Alai or “Wave of Bliss”, true to its word, has been spreading around joy and imparting simple spiritual processes to masses of people. This joy has found varied expressions in yearning, yielding, and blissful basking in...

Chandra Jeevan - Hindi Devotional Songs


Chandrajeevan is a collection of Hindi devotional songs composed by Sounds of Isha for Sadhguru’s sathsangs. The title alludes to a devotee’s journey towards dissolution, which is mirrored in the Moon’s journey from full moon to new. “The moon has no quality of its own – just reflecting the sun. If you want to know the divine, this is the...

Exuberance of the Unmanifest


Exuberance of the Unmanifest is the first album released by ‘Sounds of Isha’. The songs, created instinctively, were usually composed late at night when time off from their regular activities allowed them to sit together and expresses their inner states. The music is a blend from many countries with no particular style. It is a subtle fusion of unique minds...

In the Lap of the Master

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If one had to describe the compositions of Sounds of Isha's latest album In the Lap of the Master in a single word, it would be "intense" - intense as the unique purpose they were created for. Each of these pieces was especially composed as an integral part of Samyama, a powerful meditation program designed by Sadhguru. Created under the...


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Ishana was created by Pop Singer Smita as an offering to Sadhguru and Isha Foundation. The album has 6 songs. Music for the album was composed by Nihal

SOI-Green Hands (Pasumai Karangal)


After the Project GreenHands (PGH) Guiness World Record achievement in 2006, Sounds of Isha toured extensively around Tamil Nadu and parts of India raising awareness of the effort and helping to raise much needed funds to reach the target of 110 million trees planted.  The 4 songs on this album were specially conceived for the occasion. They bring together a...

Sounds Of Isha: Trigun


The play of existence is but the timeless alliance of creation, maintenance and destruction: Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh. Their ceaseless mischief stages the dance of the cosmos. Of the three, the greatest is the destroyer. He is ‘that which is not’ – he is Shiva. Encompassing the other two within his nothingness, he is ultimate oblivion, the very basis of...

White Mountain


After their exhilarating dance-oriented debut album 'Exuberance of the Unmanifest'; Sounds of Isha followed up with this dazzling release 'White Mountain'. Inspired by the sacred Velliangiri Mountains, which is a green paradise with pristine wildlife. On certain days, dense white clouds embrace the peaks, spreading a mystical atmosphere in these scenic natural surroundings that have been home of many saints...

Yoga Padhi


What you hold is a unique compilation of music that by its own rhythm initiates a step into yoga, ‘Yogi Padhi.’ The music was created by SOUNDS OF ISHA with the sole purpose of setting an atmosphere most conducive to receive the offerings of ISHA YOGA. The instrumental vibrations that resound from the melodious mélange of flute, guitar, sitar, veena, deep...