Beautifully made copper utensils such as water jugs and tumblers from a naturally anti bacterial copper material. Copper decor items for the home including tea light holders, incense stand and lamps are also availbale in a range of designs

Linga Jyoti


Linga Jyoti, a unique lamp made of copper and brass is designed by Sadhguru as a symbol of purification and light. It is offered at the Dhyanalinga where it is energised for 24 hours. An ideal device to preserve the energies of the Dhyanalinga, the Linga Jyoti will create a very special atmosphere and ambience in your home. Please note:...

Copper Incense Holder


Handmade Copper Agarbatti Incense holder and stand. This is part of the Isha Craft initiative to give the local villagers of Tamil Nadu, India sustainable methods of earning income. Size: L = 9.5 inch, W = 2 inch and deapth = 3/4 inch

Hammered Lamp With Snake


Beautiful brass and copper  hammered lamp with snake

Hammered Lamp With Lotus


Elegant brass and copper hammered lamp with lotus

Copper Tea Light Holder


Copper Tea Light Holder- A Radiant design an impressive addition to your home. Lights up the space with a captivating warm glow. A unique hammered design that relflects both natural light and candle light.