Printed from the front is a complete book entitled 'Emotion The Juice Of Life' and printed from the rear is 'Compulsiveness to Consciousness'.

One can make any emotion into a creative force in their life.” – Sadhguru. It’s not just poetic license that allows us to refer to emotions as “juicy.” In a literal sense also, emotions are a chemical cocktail that course through our body. But while we have no problems with pleasant emotions, unpleasant emotions are the source of much angst in our lives.

“If your life becomes an expression of your joy, not in pursuit of happiness, then relationships will be naturally wonderful.”  – Sadhguru

Human beings constantly make and break relationships. Unfortunately, relationships can make and break human beings too. Why are relationships such a circus for most of us? What is this primal urge within us that demands a bond – physical, mental, or emotional – with another? And how do we keep this bond from turning into bondage? These are the fundamental questions that Compulsiveness to Consciousness looks at as Sadhguru shares with us the keys to forming lasting and joyful relationships, whether they are with husband or wife, family and friends, at work, or with the very existence itself.

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