The whole existence, as modern science proves today, is just a vibration of energy. What is considered as physical reality is only a relative existence. This is also the essence of religion. What a scientist merely deduces by his calculations, and the religious person believed, the yogi knows by his experience of truth. This is called Nadha Bhramha - the whole existence is just sound.

The genesis of the song Nadha Bhramha goes back to a time when Sadhguru made his first journey, a decade ago, to Kanti Sarovar, which is beyond Kedarnath in the mystical Himalayas...

"I was sitting silently on the banks of the Kanti Sarovar, eyes wide open. Then I hear this song in a big way, in my own voice. I hear it loud and clear, so loud that it is as if the whole mountain is singing it. It is my voice, and it is in Sanskrit, a language I never learned. In my experience, everything has turned into sound. I did not create the song - the relationship of sound and form just descended upon me." - Sadhguru

Contains 8 tracks:

  • 1. Nadha Bhramha (Sanskrit) - 3:55
  • 2. Bhaja Govindam (Sanskrit) - 18:28
  • 3. Yello Hudikide (Kannada) - 4:15
  • 4. Ethiruganano - Rama (Telugu) - 5:30
  • 5. Guru Bina Kaise (Hindi) - 2:48
  • 6. Kaya Nahi Teri (Hindi) - 2:05
  • 7. Lingashtakam (Sanskrit) - 7:08
  • 8. Ulagamellame (Tamil) - 1:47
  • 9. Nadha Bhramha (Sanskrit) - 3:53
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