Life happens in so many different ways, and one may receive it depending upon one’s receptivity to life energy. A spiritual seeker always aspires to receive it on a higher dimension, as wisdom or love.

“Traditionally, vibhuthi is used as a device to make certain parts of the body sensitive. If it is properly prepared and applied on specific locations, it can make one receptive. A subtle difference would happen within one automatically and as the sensitivity becomes more subtle, it goes into higher nature.  Applying it on the ajna and anahatha chakra supports one to receive life as wisdom and love.  “Before you step out of the house in the morning, apply vibhuthi at these points of higher receptivity so that you receive the Divine around you; not the devil” 

                                                                                    ~ Sadhguru

The vibhuthi at Isha Yoga Center is uniquely prepared and undergoes a powerful consecration process at the Dhyanalinga.