As Pallavi Guptaa explains in the preface of her book, it was Sadhguru who opened the doors to a new dimension in her life. ‘YOU – Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev: A Spiritual Possibility’ is an expression of her gratitude.

A collection of photographs and stories, this visual delight will take you through Sadhguru’s incredible expanse of life – from his earliest days as a child through his teens; as a motorbike riding youth; a man with a family; a yogi consecrating the Dhyanalinga; and today, a modern-day mystic, equally at ease at international conferences or snow-laden Himalayan peaks.

Throughout the book, Pallavi’s evocative words weave through the photos adding context and detail. ‘YOU’ is a panorama view of this incomparable Mystic’s life. It is a testimonial of a life which shows what is possible with this birth.