Kailash Teerth


“Water has the ability to store memory and energy. The South Face of Kailash is the very home of mysticism. The Kailash Teerth collected from there carries some of these powerful qualities. It can bring about a new sense of vitality and joy to oneself.” - Sadhguru Sourced from the South Face of Mount Kailash, Kailash Teerth (“teerth” meaning sacred...

Bhairavi Raksha


The Bhairavi Raksha is a consecrated offering made of pure copper. The Indian traditional systems have extolled the benefits of wearing copper in close contact with the body since time immemorial.Modern research is now bringing some of these properties to the fore. The Bhairavi Raksha is an offering that draws from this wisdom and is meant to stabilize one's system...

Copper Water Bottle in Matte Finish with Brass Aum

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The perfect copper utensil for family use. With a simple Aum design, this Copper Water Bottle is the perfect travel companion.  700ml Capacity Length - 9", Height - 3", Width - 4.25"   Click here for information on how to clean copper products

Copper Cup in Matte Finish with Brass Aum (small)


With a matte finish and elegant AUM design, this 200ml copper glass with a delicately crafted lip ridge is an essential item for any household. Click here for information on how to clean copper products