Backrest Meditation Chair


Isha's foldable backrest floor chairs are constructed with a removable heavy cotton outer cover stretched over a sturdy steel inner frame. The seat is filled with dense foam for your sitting comfort.  Lightweight and easy to use. Available as New or Used. Please note: Used chairs have been used in a 2 day programme and are in a good condition,...

Banana fiber Yoga Mat with rubberised back


The supple characteristics of the banana fiber provide this mat with an interesting combination of grip and resilience. Banana fiber is a known hypoallergenic. The fibers are woven together with cotton yarns, which provided the mat with a softer and more comfortable feel. Each mat is rubberised for extra grip and stability during practices. 100% Biodegradable Approx measurements: 72"x27"

Cotton Meditation Mat


A lightly padded rollable meditation mat for your comfort, with distinctive Isha design. Available as new or used. Please note: Used mats have been used in a 2 day programme and are in a good condition, may show signs of wear. Approx Dimensions: 34"x21"

Cotton yoga Mat - Rubber coated Bottom


Enjoy this natural, cotton surface for your yoga practices with a rubber coated underside that  provides the grip you need for more active sessions. It is washable and comes in a delightful plum color. Measuring 77” x 27”. "it is best you use a cotton mat or a raw silk mat for your yoga, because you must be connected with...

Daily Quotes by Sadhguru


Start your day with inspiration and wisdom with a daily quote from Sadhguru.

Devi Trushul (Metal)


Bring a source of positivity and spirituality in your daily life through this Devi Trishul. Trishul symbolizes the three fundamental aspects of life. This can be called Pingala, Ida and Sushumna or man, woman and divine. These are the three basic nadies - the left, the right and the central - in the energy body of the human system. This is...

Dharba Grass Meditation Mat


This deluxe meditation mat with delicate print relief is made from woven dharbha grass. Dharbha grass has been eulogised by the great sages and modern researchers alike for its very particular characteristics and the power of its vibrations. The mat has a removable washable cover and measures 36” x 22”. These Isha Craft hand made meditation mats are produced using...

Fashion Handbag In Jute Viola - Blue

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Hardwearing, practical and stylish, made by skilled artisans in rural India. Jute Viola is a wonderful eco-friendly product combining cotton and jute thread to create a fabric.

Isha 100% Cotton Yoga Mat


L – 74” x W- 26” Made of 100 % cotton yarn It's made of handloom It can be rolled and carry easily It is fully washable item It has perfect grip on the mat It's cost effective product This attractive natural cotton yoga mat is cool, comfortable and lightweight, aesthetically pleasing while also being hard-wearing and washable, making it...

Jute Padam Bag


Eco friendly 100% natural Jute Padam Bag

Nandi Statue (Metal)

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Bring a source of positivity and spirituality in your daily life through this Nandi metal statue. Nandi is not waiting for Shiva to come out and say something. He is in waiting. Nandi is a symbolism of eternal waiting because waiting is considered the greatest virtue in Indian culture. One who knows how to simply sit and wait is naturally meditative.  This...

Plain Yoga Mats

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Plain and simple non-slip yoga mat