Printed from the front is a complete book entitled 'Ambition To Vision' and printed from the rear is 'Greed Is God'.

Ambition To Vision
Being ambitious has always been seen as an advantage. But a century's worth of human ambitions has resulted in uncountable tragedies and wars, and has brought the environment to a point of collapse. Only when ambition is guided by a vision for wellbeing can our activity become a powerful possibility to create our destiny and touch the lives of everyone around us. This book offers tangible first steps towards the ultimate plan of action - to understand every aspect of our creation and existence, and make ourselves the way we want. With individual transformation comes universal transformation, opening up a whole new world once we take that step from ambition to vision.

"Ambition is about more, vision is about all." - Sadhguru

Greed Is God
In a never before seen or read context, 'Greed is God' presents an immortal relationship between the material and spiritual aspects of life. Through gripping Q&A sessions with Sadhguru, this vivid connection becomes evident, rooted in the fundamentals of life itself. We find that our quest for 'more', be it more wealth, joy or peace, is driven by an inherent longing in each of us.

"If you become absolutely greedy, then you become spiritual" - Sadhguru